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Looking for a modern website that's easy to navigate for your customers? You've come to the right place. Having a professional website will not only help convey your products & services, but it will also create a unified brand image for your business on a digital platform that your customers will appreciate. 


We'll determine what type of website style you're looking for, how many pages and the type of information you'd like presented. 


Next, is the information-gathering process. This process often takes the most time in the Website Design Stages. We'll send you a link to a Google Drive, in there you will find a Google Doc with writing prompts tailored to your industry, this is where you will write all the information about your business; About, Services, Contact Information, etc. You'll also see a folder in the Google Drive where you can upload your photos to be used on the site. 


It's time to get to work! We'll take the information and photos that you provided and start designing your custom website. Please note: the desktop responsive version of the site is designed prior to reformatting the mobile responsive version.


All Conveys websites are designed using an online website editor, Wix. Once the website is completed and finalized, we'll have to upgrade your Wix subscription to Wix Premium, this will allow us the ability to connect a custom domain (ex:


Once the subscription has been upgraded, and your custom domain connected, we'll work on your Search Engine Optimization, this will help with your website rankings on search engines such as Google.


Now you can enjoy your new website! In the event that you have any changes you would like to make, we can work together on those updates or we can add you as a contributor on the site for you to make the changes yourself. Dont worry, we'll give you a Wix tutorial prior to releasing you into the wild.


Conveys websites are typically designed with Wix, a user-friendly web design platform. Design costs vary based on specific client needs, however the estimated cost below does not constitute the fee for Wix Premium Plan. This subscription is needed to connect a custom domain without any Wix ads. A down payment will be required prior to commencing the site design.


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